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    Istanbul Ataturk Airport Car Rental

    The new Istanbul Airport is of a very recent construction; it was inaugurated, indeed, at the end of 2018. This airport has a definitely futuristic architectonical structure and is not too far from the city centre, only 40 km.

    Among the airlines working in this airport, we must mention Turkish Airlines, that, among the various routes, grants the flights to Ankara, as regards the internal flights, and to Baku, as regards the international flights. Among the foreign airlines working here, instead, we can mention KLM and Lufthansa. The first one grants daily connections to Amsterdam, while the important German company grants connections to Frankfurt.

    Istanbul Ataturk Airport Car Rental

    Istanbul: points of interest

    When we speak about Istanbul, it is impossible not to think of it as the connection point between East and West. This city, the economic capital ofTurkey, is one of the richest ones in history and charm in the country overlooking the Bosporus.

    During a journey in this city, there are really many things you can see and you will have the possibility to enter in contact with your own essence.

    Once landed in Istanbul Ataturk International Airport and picked your rental car up, previously booked on RentalUp during the preparations for the journey, you can soon start to discover the beauties of the city.

    The first hours of the vacation could be dedicated to the discovery of the most important mosques of the city. The first stop could be the Aya Sofya Mosque, whose most important characteristic is the immense dome in the middle, a true symbol.

    This place of worship was built by the will of Justinian and, after being been a Christian church, it became a mosque, before to be turned into a museum by the will of the “father” of the modern Turkey, that Ataturk, whose work of secularization is still very strong in the country.

    The second stage, taking advantage of the car rental at Istanbul Airport must be the Blue Mosque, true Turkish-Ottoman architectonical symbol. The Suleymaniye Mosque, which is at a point of the city from where you can enjoy an unforgettable panorama, is also very interesting. This building is, indeed, one of the biggest heritage of the Ottoman period.

    Later, with the car rental at Istanbul Airport, you can reach Topkapi Palace, which is considered the most fascinating building in the country by many people. In 1924, during the process of secularization of Turkey, it became a museum pole of primary importance.

    The car rental service at Istanbul Airport can allow you also to discover the Galata Tower with its almost 70 metres of height and that was built by the will of the exponents of the Maritime Republic of Genoa.

    Lastly, among the most interesting places in Istanbul, we must obviously mention Taksimsquare: this square, become famous for the political tension that troubled the country during the last years, is in the European zone of the city and is the most important square in Istanbul.

    Moreover, you cannot miss a visit to Miera Iela, the hipster district of the city.

    Istanbul Cathedral
    Galata Tower

    Istanbul: art and culture

    Thanks to the car rental service at Istanbul Airport, you will have the possibility to visit all the most important museums in the city. The first museum to be visited is the Contemporary Art Museum near the Bosporus Strait. This museum is an unmissable stage for whoever wants to discover the modern Istanbul, less bounded to the traditions of the country, since it hosts works of contemporary artists, both autochthone and foreign.

    Ataturk Museum is very important from a cultural and historical point of view: it is the house where the “father” of themodern Turkey lived in the early XX century. Here you can see objects belonged to one of the most important political men of the modern history.

    Other museums which deserve to be visited to discover the traditions of the city are the Carpet Museum and the Museum of Calligraphy. The first one allows you to see first-hand the carpets that have been used in all the places of worship of the country over the time, while the second one is a museum dedicated to the art of the writing according to the Turkish alphabet.

    Lastly, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, one of the most loved by the citizens of Istanbul, deserves a visit.

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