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    turkey rental car - car hire ankara airport

    Airport of AnkaraThanks to RentalUp, you can hire a car at the airport of Ankara and from there you can go to visit all the wonders of the hinterland, with various stages of the most characteristic places. Turkey can be easily visited by car, and with RentalUp the trip will be more comfortable and economical, thanks to the various offers low cost car departing from Esenboga. From here you can in fact get a car of different types, depending on personal needs, and rent it for the desired period: the return, the car can easily be left at the airport, in order to ensure greater ease of use.

    Discovering Ankara

    history of AnkaraAnkara, an ancient Turkish capital, is located on the plateau of Anatolia. Its wide boulevards with fountains and buildings looking rigorous gives it a little cold, but if you venture to explore the city you will discover hidden treasures such as the splendid Museum of fish and Ulus, the neighborhood that demonstrates how culture greek-Roman influenced the city. Unmissable the Temple of Augustus, the Roman theater, the baths and the Column of Julian the Apostate. Do not miss, there Altindag, the Ottoman quarter, made up of narrow streets, restored homes and buildings from decaying. The more modern part of the city, however, is located in the southern part of Ankara K?z?lay is the center of finance in Turkey, with many shops and shopping centers, and home to the Cankaya presidential palace and the tower Atakule well as the most luxurious hotels in the city . In peripheral areas of the city graze, finally, the famous Angora goats, which yield a very fine wool called "mohair".

    The most beautiful destinations in Turkey

    landscape around AnkaraThe south and southeast of the country, the most popular, home to the ancient Troy, scene of historic battles and ancient legends, as well as Pergamum, with its Acropolis, and Sardis, with a great view of Byzantine ruins, still well preserved . The legendary cities of Turkey do not stop there: slightly inward, you can visit Ephesus, also known for a long tradition of history and legend. Do not miss the UNESCO heritage Xanthos and Letoon, besides the ruins of Patara. Taking a low cost hire car from Ankara Esenboga airport, you can visit the hinterland and along the west coast, offering stunning sea views, as well as endless entertainment possibilities.

    The old Ottoman domains

    Ottoman domainsFor who wishing to explore the historic part of Turkey, or the landmarks of Ottoman rule, the northern part of the country is certainly the ideal. Here we retain the old parts of the city, with typical hammam, and Ottoman houses overhanging the river.

    Moving with the rented car thanks to the low cost rental service of RentalUp  you can continue the journey to Cappadocia, with some landscapes that resemble those of the moon, and the underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu.There are also mountain destinations: the best known is that of Mount Ararat, which with its more than 5000 meters is one of the favorite destinations for trekking in Turkey.