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    car rental antalya - antalya car hire

    AntalyaSituated at the foot of the Taurus Mountains and West on the Gulf of Antalya, Antalya, with almost one million inhabitants, is one of the largest and most populous city of Turkey, capital of the province. Situated on one pretty steep cliff, the city is surrounded by mountains, forests and of course the Mediterranean Sea. Well known is the pebble beach that extends up to the Bey Mountains.

    Antalya: history and monuments

    history AntalyaAs anticipated, Antalya is rich in attractions and interesting places to visit. Among these is undoubtedly the ancient monastery of the Whirling Dervishes, near which there is the "Clock Tower" and two tombs of the fourteenth century. It is also a fantastic location to enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire bay as well as the core of the old town. Entering the heart of the city you will find yourself surrounded by mosques, elegant Ottoman houses, restored and converted into a pension and shops, the harbor and the famous Roman "Minaret Reciso", an ancient Roman church dating from the second century AD later converted into a Byzantine church and then a mosque in the thirteenth century.

    In the city are still visible and visited many ruins dating back to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Byzantines as Aspendos, one of the best preserved amphitheatres in the world. The theater, built during the second century. A.D. , it is still used today for various events. Do not miss the Archaeological Museum of Antalya, founded at the end of World War I by Italian soldiers. Italian archaeologists filled the halls of artifacts found in the vicinity up to be, today, a treasure chest that holds the whole of Turkey.

    Towards the beginning of the seventies, the city of Antalya has given birth to its tourist vocation that has enabled it to become in the space of little more than a decade, a destination known and visited by thousands of tourists every year. The development of the tourism sector has also changed the face of the city itself has changed over time the name of "tourism capital of turkish". For those arriving by plane,, thanks to its subsidiaries, allows  at low cost prices to rent a car at the airport of Antalya, saving time and money being able to book conveniently online from home.

    Shopping and attractions in Antalya

    street of AntalyaThe city of Antalya attracts many visitors for its lively nightlife. The center of the city at night is filled with a festive nightlife that comes to life thanks to the numerous places where you can enjoy drinks and rock out to the music. Among the most popular venues, there is absoluty "Ally's" located in the district of Kaleici which in fact is the biggest club in the city . Equally popular are the "Gun Club", the "Club Aura" and "Club CeCe" every night that attract thousands of young people looking for fun and lightheartedness.


    Even shoppers have bread for their teeth. Antalya is full of shops, especially many megastore, both thematic and generic, in which you can find really everything. From local products, such as carpets, furnishings in turkish style, handicrafts made of copper, etc. in addition to very special souvenir to take home as a reminder of the wonderful stay. Near Antalya you will find long white beaches and ruins of archaeological interest. Along the Konyaaltibeach in recent years was born on "Beach Park"a number of beaches, trendy bars and terraces where to spend the evening with friends, maybe a drink.


    The best way to travel and move around in different areas of the city is without doubt the low cost car rental in Antalya, in order to move in complete relaxation without any constraint on the schedule and availability of public transport. Thanks to RentalUp you can book the car that best suits your needs in just a few clicks and the most competitive prices on the market