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    Birmingham Airport Car Rental

    Birmingham Airport is the sixth busiest airport for passenger traffic in the United Kingdom and, taking advantage of the car rental service from Birmingham Airport, you have to drive for about 14 km to reach the city centre.

    The idea of the Birmingham Airport took shape in the early 1920s and its opening to the public took place in 1939. During the Second World War it became a military airport and returned to be used for civil purposes in 1947.

    Over the years, the airport has undergone several extensions and 100 million euros have been allocated since 2010 by the national authorities to make it an ultra-modern airport.

    Among the airlines working here, we can mention Air France and EasyJet: the first one guarantees daily connections to Paris, while the second one covers the routes to Geneva and Amsterdam.

    Birmingham Airport Car Rental

    Birmingham: points of interest

    Birmingham is the second biggest city in England and is a very interesting tourist destination, although it is never quite promoted by the tourism insiders. The city is famous in England for the presence of many museums of great interest.

    Once landed in Birmingham Airport and booked your rental car up here, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can start to discover the second biggest city all over the United Kingdom.

    Walking around the city you will soon realize how it is the result of the big transformations that took place during the Industrial Revolution: the medieval sites that you can still visit are, indeed, a few.

    However, it is only after the Second World War that the city has undergone a project of requalification which made it very interesting from a tourist point of view.

    Exploiting the car rental service from Birmingham Airport, you can start your tour to discover the city from Victoria Square, undoubtedly beating heart of this English city. Here you can find the majority of the most interesting monuments in Birmingham, besides a fountain, symbol of the square itself.

    Birmingham Town Hall is very interesting too: the building was constructed according to the architectonical dictates od the Romanic style and it surely deserves to be included into the list of the things to see in the city. The Town Hall, thanks to a restoration dating back to the early XIX century, is, in certain parts, similar to the Parthenon.

    The car rental service in Birmingham Airport will also allow you to reach the point of the city from where you can enjoy a “water tour” on the canals, very interesting experience.

    Victoria Square
    Birmingham Town All

    Birmingham: art and culture

    One of the highlights of Birmingham has always been the artistic and cultural offer that the city put at the disposal of tourists.

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Birmingham Airport, you will have the opportunity, for example, to get to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: this is probably the most important museum all over the city, whose opening to the public dates back to the end of the XIX century and, precisely, in 1885.

    It is one of the most important museums in the whole of the United Kingdom and here you can admire painting collections or findings from other continents or dating back to very ancient ages, such as the Roman one.

    Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum is very interesting too: a museum characterised by the fact that it is a true bridge between past and future, considered that here you can admire reproduction of Prehistoric animals, but also exhibitions that explain in detail the great inventions that led to the Industrial Revolution and those that in the near future could change our lives.

    Moreover, this museum has some halls dedicated to the history of the city during the Second World War: here you can admire some vehicles that were used during the conflict, besides a photographic archive that witnesses how the life was in the middle of the conflict.

    Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery