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    car rental birmingham airport - car hire birmingham airport

    Airport of BirminghamRenting a car through the service of RentalUp you can break free from the stress of public transport, so the holiday can be enjoyed in full and without any stress. With this solution, for all the tourists who want to visit the wonderful Birmingham, you can go where you want, when you want and choose the time and, how long to stay I this beautiful city.

    To the wonders of Birmingham

    the wonders of BirminghamAt the International Airport of Birmingham, you can directly pick-up your car just you got off the plane. RentalUp allows you to find your vehicle at the airport and you just have to get on board and head to the nearby town (about ten kilometers to the east). Birmingham has existed for centuries but the greater evolution has occurred in the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. The processes at the architectural level have been many in this period and today is one of the most visited cities across Europe, there are few traces of ancient history, among them we definitely Parish Church of St Martin in the Bull Ring. This building dates back to the twelfth century, but in 1800 was almost completely changed retaining only the foundations and a few walls from the original design. Other buildings of the same period are definitely the Old Crow (or Old Crown), a famous pub in the center of Birmingham and the Old Grammar School in King Norton. Other historical buildings, this time dating back to the 1700s, is the Church of St. Paul and the Cathedral of St. Philip. the landmark buildings in Birmingham are the Saint Chad's Cathedral (the first Roman Catholic cathedral built after the Reformation, dating back to 1800) and the Museum & Art Gallery (built at the behest of Joseph Chamberlain, one of the mayors of the city). Characteristic of the architecture of the city are definitely the red bricks of the Victorian buildings: they are in Corporation Street and New Street, in the center. The two world wars have scorched earth of many wonderful old buildings, even after the conflict (in the fifties) other important buildings were razed to make way for modern housing in concrete and iron. Symbol of modern Birmingham is certainly the Selfridges building, building with irregular shape, characterized by a covering of reflective discs, a true example of architecture-modern art.

    Traditional cuisine and fun

    city of BirminghamA Birmigham there is a real culinary tradition, the only strong point of the city is the beer. As for the food, the cuisine is characterized by a mix of cultures: Chinese, Arabic and Italian allow tourists to sample dishes that come from thousands of miles away. Some preparations are, however typical classic sandwiches and burgers in this city you eat the most delicious sandwiches of the whole of Britain.

    The young people who decide to go to Birmingham will find many, pubs and bars mostly concentrated in Digbeth. The clubs are many and the most famous and popular are the Gatecrasher Birmingham (at Broad St)the Bushwackers (Edmund Street) and Mechu (in Summer Row)Shopping is one of the "sport" most popular, crowded shopping streets and all the windows are many, in High Street and New Street you can see the clothes of the most important designers from around the world, including Italy. The jaws are competing to sell in this rich and flourishing city, which is why the business, especially in the center, are really booming.

    In short, a city to visit and discover the tranquility of the low cost rental car. RentalUp is the best solution for all tourists who want to be truly independent.