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    London Luton Airport Car Rental

    London-Luton Airport is the fourth most important airport among those who serve the city of London. You have to drive for about 60 km with the rental car to reach the city centre from this airport.

    The history of this airport officially began on July 16, 1938, immediately before the outbreak of the Second World War. After the end of the conflict it returned to be a civil airport, but during the 1980s it ran the risk to be closed, because of the decrease of the passengers it had to face.

    However, thanks to many investments, the airport returned to be very important from a strategic point of view and nowadays many airlines work here, such as Ryanair and EasyJet: the first one covers, for example, the routes to Alicante and Barcelona, while the second one those to cities such as Amsterdam and Edinburgh.

    London Luton Airport Car Rental

    When we speak about the most loved cities by tourists, London is always at the top: it could not be otherwise, considering the many points of interest the British capital city can offer, without forgetting its surroundings, equally rich in charming attractions.

    Once landed in London-Luton Airport and picked your rental car up here, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can soon start to fully experience the British capital city.

    The first place you must visit could be Trafalgar Square: from here all the main city roads branch off. The name of the square recalls the battle in which Oratio Nelson defeated Napoleon and, in this square, there is one of the most important museum poles all over London, the National Gallery. This museum is among the most famous ones in the world, and not only for the presence of the Venus of Willendorf.

    The car rental service from London Luton Airport will allow you to move in complete freedom and so in any moment you can decide to get to Buckingham Palace, this monumental building is one of the symbols of the British monarchy and is the official seat of the Royal Family in London.

    When we speak about London and its symbolic sites, we must mention the Palace of Westminster: great example of Gothic architecture, it is the place where the legislative power is exercised.

    Continuing to exploit the car rental service in London from the airport, it is worth a visit to other two symbols of the city: the Cathedral of Saint Paul and the British Museum. The first one is probably the most important place of worship in London, besides being a symbol of the Baroque architecture, while the second one is the most ancient museum in the world and allows to take a journey back in time through the history of humanity in its various spheres.

    National Gallery
    London Bridge

    London & surroundings

    The car rental service at London Airport will allow you to visit also the surroundings of the British capital city.

    Among the place to visit there is, for example, Brighton: among the attraction of this city, which is not far from the British capital city, the Brighton Pavilion stands out; its construction took place by order of George IV and recalls much the Taj Mahal.

    For those who love history, the discovery of Canterbury, town that is the cradle of the Anglican Church which is still able to attract many tourists who are enchanted by its austere beauty, will be very interesting.

    If you particularly love nature, you can include in your itinerary a visit to the Kew Gardens: they probably are the most important botanic gardens in the whole of Great Britain, that can amaze also those who usually does not particularly love flowers and plants.

    Lastly, when we speak about the surroundings of London, how we cannot mention Cambridge and Oxford? We are speaking, as everyone knows, of two symbolic cities for the university education. Visiting them surely is one of those experiences hard to forget, it is really worth to discover them.