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    London Gatwick Airport Car Rental


    When you think of a European Capital city to be visited in any period of the year, London is the first name that comes to mind. It is the cosmopolitan city for excellence that can boast such a richness in places to visit that a trip is not enough to discover it in its entirety.

    Among the airports of the area of London, Gatwick Airport is the second one for importance, after that of Heathrow. Its location makes getting to the centre of the English capital city very easy, since it just takes driving for 50 km to reach it.

    Nowadays, the airport consists of 2 terminals and the last statistics show that the passengers transiting here are currently about 30 million, so that it is the ninth airport for importance in Europe.

    The idea of an airport in this area took shape in the early XX century and the opening as an aerodrome was in 1920. About 15 years later, the first trade flights were authorised, while the airport was opened to the civil flights after the end of the Second World War.

    Among the airlines currently working here, we can mention British Airways and EasyJet: this latter grants connections to Bologna, Barcelona and Berlin, while the first one grants connections to and from Amsterdam and Bergamo.

    London Gatwick Airport Car Rental

    London: what to see

    Once landed in London Gatwick Airport and picked a rental car up, booked on RentalUp in the weeks before the take-off, you can immediately start the discover of this city, which is certainly among the most visited cities in the world.

    If you would like to follow a classic itinerary, you will start from Trafalgar Square, that is for many people the first thing you must see once arrived in London. Not only for the importance of the square, that remembers the Trafalgar battle, but also because the main roads of the city depart from there.

    In this square you will also find the National Gallery, one of the most important museums in the world where artworks such as the Venus of Bilendorf and paintings by names that made the art history, like Botticelli, are exhibited.

    Thanks to the car rental service at London Airport you can start your tour also from Buckingham Palace, that is the residence of the monarchy, as everyone know. The possibility to take part to the Changing of the Guard is fascinating.

    Westminster Palace, great example of Neogothic architecture, and the Big Ben are obviously other unmissable highlights, but you cannot forget, among the worship places, the St. Paul Cathedral: here, some of the most important events of the English history took place, such as Churchill’s funerals. Lastly, thanks to the car rental service at London Airport, you should include in your itinerary also the British Museum, one of the most important museums in the world. In its rooms you can enjoy a true journey back in time, because the thousands of objects exhibited cover a time frame that goes from the pre-history to our days.

    National Gallery of Londra
    Big Ben Westminster

    London and the surroundings

    One of the advantages offered by the car rental service at London Airport is the opportunity to visit the surroundings of the city. For example, you could decide to visit two among the most worldwide famous university towns, such as Cambridge and Oxford.

    It is not exactly known when the great competition between the two towns was born, but it is supposed that all started in 1200. Among the places to be visited in Oxford, we have to mention the Trinity College and the Botanic Garden, while in Cambridge, besides the places related to the university, it is worth an immersion into one of the many green areas characterizing the town.

    In the surroundings of London there is also the town of Bath, worldwide famous for two reasons: firstly, for its thermal waters, which have been known since Roman Age; secondly, for the literary works of a giant of literature such as Jane Austen.

    Among the places you must visit there is the Roman Bath Museum, that is considered the symbol of this town, but you have to find time also to discover the Jane Austen Centre. Lastly, at less than 100 km from London, you will find Brighton, which returned to be a perfect destination for a trip after years of neglect.

    The pier is very fascinating to be visited. Its opening to the public dates back to the end of the XIX century and it is a really romantic place, in particular in the evening, when the sun is going down. You cannot miss also the Royal Pavilion, one of the most important buildings in the city and true flagship of it: it is enough to think that even Rossini played here in 1823 to understand its importance, not only from an artistic, but also from a historic point of view.

    Once inside, an aspect that will amaze any visitor is the shape of the chandeliers, which recalls a lotus.

    City of Bath