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    London Heathrow Airport Car Rental


    With over 80 million of passengers departing, arriving or transiting during the last year, London Heathrow Airport enters in the special ranking of the ten busiest airports for passenger traffic in the world.

    Its construction dates back to 1929 and it has five terminals that make it one of the widest airports in the world, that can host up to 100 million of passenger in twelve months.

    Once landed, go to the offices of car rental at London Heathrow Airport and pick a rental car up, after having booked it on RentalUp. London city centre is less than 30 km far from the international airport.

    The easiest way to reach the city centre from London Heathrow Airport with your rental car is driving along the highway A4 and then along the M4, for a total of 25 km. The overall duration of the journey, depending on traffic, is about 40 minutes.

    London Heathrow Airport is connected to the main European cities with direct flights. Once completed the operations of car rental at London Heathrow Airport, you can immerse yourself in the London typical atmosphere, discovering the most important attractions from the artistic and cultural points of view.

    London Heathrow Airport Car Rental

    London: points of interest

    The starting point of a visit to the City for excellence, for a logical itinerary, is Trafalgar Square. From the main square of London the two most important roads of the English capital depart, The Mall from one side and the Strand from the other side.

    These last two respectively lead to Buckingham Palace and to the financial centre of the city. There is, then, a third road, called Whitehall, that lead, instead, to the House of Parliament.

    The iconic square of the City is dedicated to the battle of Trafalgar, decisive for the victory against the Spanish and the French in the early XIX century, on the occasion of the Napoleonic wars.

    Thanks to the car rental at London Heathrow Airport, heading along The Mall, in a few minutes you will get to Buckingham Palace, the famous residence of the English royal family. You cannot miss the changing of the guard, a rite that has been repeated since the second half of the XVII century (precisely since 1660). The changing is every day around 11:30 a.m.

    The Neogothic architecture shines in London city, especially in front of the Big Ben and the House of Parliament, that are both symbols of London all over the world. On the left side of the House of Parliament (or Westminster Palace) the Victory Tower stands out, while on the right there is the Clock Tower.

    A curiosity: many people think that Big Ben is the clock, but actually it is the bell realised by Benjamin Hall for the ringing of the hours. Big Ben weighs something like 13 tons. From the Neogothic style of Westminster Palace and of the two towers in the nearby, you can move to admire the Baroque style during a visit to the St. Paul Cathedral, which has become the symbol of the reaction of London inhabitants after the fire that destroyed the former Cathedral in the XVIII century.

    Another attraction you cannot miss during a short stay in London is the homonymous tower, which is enlisted among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Its construction dates back to the second half of the XI century, wanted by the Normans as a defensive structure against the attacks by the local inhabitants and by the foreign invaders.

    Lastly, you cannot miss the Tower Bridge, that connects the London Tower to the Southwark area. We must mention the promenade entirely made with glass, suspended between Southwark and the London Tower.

    Trafalgar Square
    Buckingham Palace

    London: art and culture

    The National Gallery, the British Museum and the Tate Gallery are the main museums in London. Among these three, The National Gallery is the most famous in the world. Divided into 4 sections, The National Gallery hosts artworks by artists such as Piero Della Francesca, Leonardo Da Vinci, Giotto, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Tiziano, Rubens, Van Gogh, Renoir, Manet and Monet.

    The British Museum is, instead, the oldest public museum. It is an unmissable stop for those who love the ancient art history; it hosts, indeed, Greek pots from the Classical and Hellenistic ages, sculptures of the Parthenon, Ancient Aegyptus, Roman Age and Prehistorical England findings.

    There are also some interesting findings dating back to the Middle Age. After the National Gallery and the British Museum, your cultural tour in London ends at the Tate Gallery. It is a modern art gallery among the most beautiful ones in the world, where you can admire the works of the biggest painters of the XX century, such as Van Gogh, Kandinskji, Dalì, Matisse and Picasso.

    Lastly, you cannot miss a visit to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, a true reconstruction of the ancient Globe Theatre.

    Tate Gallery