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    Phoenix – Sky Harbor Airport Car Rental

    Phoenix – Sky Harbor Airport is one of the most important airports in Arizona. Its opening dates back to 1935 and shortly afterwards it was assigned, during the Second World War, to a military use.

    Only at the end of the war it returned to be a civil airport, even though, still today, there are military installations. Most of the internal flights of the United States of America depart from and land in this airport.

    Among the airlines working here we can mention Southwest Airlines and British Airways. The first one work only on the American land, granting connections to several cities, such as Atlanta and Austin, while the second one is one of the few foreign airlines working in this airport and grants connections between Phoenix and London.

    Phoenix Airport Car Rental

    Phoenix: points of interest

    Once landed in Phoenix – Sky Harbor International Airport and, here, picked your rental car up, booked on RentalUp right before departure, you can soon start to discover the most important city in Arizona.

    The first place that deserves to be included in your itinerary surely is the Papago Park, reachable exploiting the car rental service at Phoenix Airport, a natural reserve in the midst of the city. Here you will have the possibility to enter in contact with the most authentic Arizona, characterized by desert and cactuses, besides small mountains with original shapes and unforgettable landscapes typical of the western movies.

    How not to mention the Desert Botanical Garden? The name makes already guess what it is: a garden, whose main theme is the desert and where you can admire cactuses of many types.

    Phoenix in the US is also synonymous of architecture: perhaps not everyone knows that this city is considered one of the most advanced centres for architecture. It is enough to think, for example, of the main campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture or of the Burton Barr Central Library: this latter building, like the others designed by Will Bruder, is a splendid example of modernism and seeing them, even only from the outside, will amaze you.

    Lastly, before to dedicate time to discover what Phoenix has to offer from the historical, cultural and artistic points of view, it is worth to visit some of the sportive temples of a city where basket, baseball and American football have a great importance.

    After having visited the “house” of the Phoenix Suns, basket team of the city that, after years of anonymousness, seems to have finally returned to being protagonist, you must also visit he stadiums where the Arizona Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks, respectively American football and baseball teams in Phoenix.

    St. Peter's Cathedral in Geneva
    Phoenix Desert

    Phoenix: art and culture

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Phoenix Airport, you can dedicate part of your time to the artistic and cultural offer of the city.

    The most of the points of interest is in the central area of Phoenix. The first place to visit is the Heard Museum, which is among the most important cultural centres ever. Within it you can discover really much about the Native Americans not only from Arizona, but also from other American states.

    And how not to mention the Phoenix Art Museum? Here you can find paintings by artists very different from each other, and among the most famous names we can remember Picasso and Monet.

    The car rental service, exploitable already from Phoenix Airport, will allow you to find time to visit also the Arizona Science Center, a true paradise for those who love science and, in particular, astronomy, in addition to technology.

    Another very interesting museum in Phoenix is the Musical Instrument Museum: here you can admire instruments of every kind and every age; even if you are not fond of music, it will also worth to visit it.

    Lastly, to enter again in contact with the history of the city of Phoenix, the heritage Square Museum deserves to be visited: it is what today remains of the original settlement from where the city developed.

    Heard Museum