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    Denver International Airport Car Rental

    Denver International Airport is one of the biggest airports not only in the United States of America, but in the world; its construction is very recent; it was, indeed, opened to the public in 1995 after years in which the state political authorities discussed about the opportunity of serving the capital of Colorado with an adequate airport.

    He airport is in a strategical location, since with a rental car, booked thanks to RentalUp and picked up directly at Denver Airport, you can reach the city centre driving along only 40 km.

    Many airlines use this airport; being recently built, it is indeed one of the most modern airports in America. Among the companies we could mention there are Frontier Airlines and Lufthansa. The first one has its main hub in this airport and guarantees connections with various American cities, such as Atlanta, while Lufthansa covers the routes to Frankfurt and Munich.

    Denver Airport Car Rental

    Denver: points of interest

    Once landed at Denver International Airport and picked your rental car up, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can set off to discover Denver, that, even though it is little more than 1600 meters above sea level, has not the appearance of a mountain town at all, but that of a typically American centre.

    Denver, capital of Colorado, is a historically recent city, considering that its foundation dates back to 1858. Taking advantage of the car rental service from Denver Airport, you can start to discover the city from Larimer Square, true cradle of the beat generation.

    Denver, as already said, is a typically American city, but at the same time it is extremely eccentric; it is enough to think, for example, of the Colorado Convention Center: in close proximity to it there is also an enormous blue bear. This work, with the weird title “I see What You Mean”, is on of the symbols that best represent the creative soul of the city.

    Another very interesting monument, which is close to the above mentioned one, is “Dancers”: the title will let you guess what it is.

    The car rental service in Denver, that you can exploit from the airport, will allow you to freely move and to discover also all the green areas that the capital of Colorado can boast. In this regard, we can mention the Cheesman Park, seat of the Denver Botanic Garden, one of the flagships of the city from a naturalistic point of view.

    Larimer Square
    Denver Botanical Garden

    Denver: art and culture

    Taking advantage of the car rental service from Denver Airport, you will have the possibility to discover how much the city has to offer also from the artistic and cultural points of view. You will be surprised by the fact that Denver is not included among the most popular artistic and cultural destinations in the USA.

    Among the museums you must visit, for example, you can start from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, where you can find rooms entirely dedicated to the Prehistoric era and where you can admire perfectly preserved fossils of dinosaurs: it is one of those visual experiences hard to be forgotten.

    You must also visit the Denver Art Museum, one of the most important cultural sites in the city; by the way, the building that hosts it is one of the most beautiful ones throughout Denver and, if you love the history of the Native Americans, you will have much to discover. Moreover, there are always exhibitions of contemporary art, that contribute to make this museum one of the most important cultural centres in the whole of Colorado.

    Among the other museums that you can find in the nearby, the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, which offers the possibility to discover Denver from the viewpoint of the so called “alternative culture”, and the Museum of Contemporary Art deserve a mention.

    In the regard of contemporary art, River North, one of the most interesting districts that the city has to offer to the lovers of the counterculture, deserves to be visited, even just to discover the numerous murals decorating it. It is the “hipster” district of Denver: if you have time, we suggest you to visit it with a camera because you will not be disappointed.

    Lastly, another place you should admire is the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, whose construction dates back to the beginning of the last century and is one of the very few buildings throughout America with the title of “basilica.

    Art Museum Denver