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    rental cars miami - hire car miami airport

    Airport of MiamiRentalUp offers the possibility to rent a car just arrived to Miami International Airport: the U.S. city of dreams and entertainment. Moving by your car toward the center of town you will discover not only the shopping streets, but also admire the beauty of engineering and technological progress, especially the architecture.

    Attractions and places of interest

    landscape of MiamiMiami offers the opportunity to visit dozens of interesting places: the first of these is the "Little Cuba" located in the neighborhood called "Little Havana". Here live almost all Cubans immigrants andrespect rather weak recommended at night, during the day you can discover the colors and the atmosphere of the real Havana. The warmth of the people allows visitors to immerse themselves in the evocative atmosphere, cheerful and harmonious: it seems America and another one is fascinated by the similarity with the Cuban city.

    Then there is the area of the harbor, . The region as a reference Biscayne Boulevard where you can admire beautiful parks, the first is the Bicentennial Park: here is the memorial to JF Kennedy, the U.S. president's most famous and beloved story of the glorious stars and stripes. In the same area you can visit the Dinner Key (the horbor of Miami) and Peacock Park (a beautiful and large green area).

    Coral Way is another obligatory stop if you want to admire the splendor of Miami. In this place there are ultra-luxury hotel and you can visit the golf courses in the most prestigious and important around the world: a true paradise for golfers.

    who love the games can go to Fairchild Tropical Garden, the park most important of all Miami, or move to Jungle Island: Another beautiful place to relax and spend pleasant hours for nature lovers.

    How to speak of the beautiful white beaches. In many areas you can see the show of your dreams. And it's all true. The most beautiful beach is Miami South Beach, a place where every day thousands of tourists take the sun in the most beautiful place of America.

    Shopping, clubs and taste

    city of MiamiFor shopping there is really spoiled for choice: every street is full of shops where "lighten up" your portfolios: the international brands are racing to sell their products in this city. The place where you really are spoiled for choice, is Lincoln Road, in downtown Miami: Gucci, Armani and Valentino are just some of the designers that you can find. Made in Italy, you know, is always a great charm and a huge success. Going beyond the cliché "America the same Mc Donald's," the dishes are several: to indicate the many variations of grilled meats and grilled vegetables, in addition to the highly prized beers. The nightclubs, exclusive and emblazoned, are the best in the world: among them, it is necessary to point out at least the "Buck 15", not far from the center, the "Live" and the "Mansion Night Club", transgressive, but not easy to those who have reached the age of majority. In short, freedom and comfort with your car rental: you decide where to go and what to visit. Miami awaits you.