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    Boston Logan Airport Car Rental

    General Logan International Airport is among the 20 busiest airports for passenger traffic throughout the United States of America.

    The airport, originally used merely for military purposes, began its activity in 1913 and 6 years later the first commercial flights were activated. In 1943 the airport assumed the current official name, dedicated to General Logan, an important figure of the American war against Spain at the end of the XIX century.

    The airport came sadly back in the limelight on 11 September 2001, since two of the four aircrafts hijacked on that day that changed the history took off from here.

    Reaching Boston city centre from the airport is very easy, you just have to pick your rental car up directly at the airport, after having booked it thanks to the service offered by RentalUp, and drive along 10 km.

    Among the airlines using this airport, we can mention British Airways and KLM: the first one guarantees connections to London, whereas the second one the daily connections to Amsterdam.

    Boston Airport Car Rental

    Boston: points of interest

    Once landed at General Logan International Airport and having here picked up your rental car, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can soon start to discover Boston, one of the favourite American cities by travellers from all over the world.

    The first place to visit is the Faneuil Hall, that is the market of Boston: this place is very important also from a historical point of view, since here many patriots, protagonists of the independence from England, used to meet. Today this is the beating heart of the city.

    Boston Public Gardens are very beautiful and all to be enjoyed, rightly considered as the most important “green lung” throughout the city. The creation and the opening of this park dates back even to the XIX century and it is still the favourite one by the citizens of Boston for a stroll or a run.

    You also must see Copley Square, that is one of the most important squares in the city. The square is dedicated to one of the most important citizens in the history of Boston, John Singleton Copley, who was a relevant painter in the XVIII century.

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Boston Airport, you will be able to alternate moments in which you can dip in the past of the city to others in which you can live its present. An example is given by the most important mall in Boston, the Prudential Center, featured, and that is weird, by the fact of not being big and chaotic, such as the typical star-spangled mall; it is certainly a strength to arouse curiosity, but also another tangible sing of the diversity of Boston compared to the typical American city.

    Boston Public Garden
    Copley Square

    Boston: art and culture

    Exploiting the car rental service in Boston from the airport, you will have the opportunity to discover the many cultural, artistic and historic centres that characterize the city, which, as mentioned above, is one of the most interesting American cities for travellers all year round.

    One of the places you must visit is Beacon Hill: once seat of the English political power, later it was one of the places where the Declaration of Independence was read. And, with respect to the American Independence War, we must also say that Boston is truly rich in places and monuments related to it, that you can admire along the Freedom Trail. Among the unmissable places in this walk of about 4 km, there are the statue of Benjamin Franklin, built where the first American school was founded, and the Park Street Church, when one of the first historic speech against slavery was enunciated.

    The journey to discover Boston can continue, thanks to the car rental service from Boston Airport, exploring the many museums that this such culturally active city has to offer. Among the many museums, the first one that is worth to mention is the Museum of Science: the statistics prove that it is the most visited museum throughout Boston. Understanding the reason of this primacy is easy, it is enough to think of the fact that here you can find hundreds of interactive exhibits and, moreover, there is also a splendid planetary.

    The Museum of Fine Arts deserves a mention, too, since it is a true refuge for art lovers, this museum hosts the largest collection of paintings by Monet existing outside France.

    Boston Science Museum