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    New York John F. Kennedy Airport Car Rental

    John F. Kennedy Airport, known as JFK, is one of the airports of New York and is in the south east of the American metropolis, in the zone of Long Island; JFK is an international airport where many American and European airlines land and that allows connections to Europe and to the rest of the world, besides the other American airports; moreover, JFK is the main airport in New York and one of the main entrances to the USA, since it is the most important airport in the North of America.

    The construction of the John F. Kennedy International Airport started in 1943 and, originally, its name was Ildewild Airport, later turned into Major General Alexander E. Andreson Airport. In 1948, once completed the works, the airport was renamed New York International Airport, but it changed again name in 1963, when the 35th President of the United States died, and became the JFK that we know.

    The centre of Manhattan is about 20 km far from the airport, where, once landed, you can pick a rental car up, thanks to RentalUp, which allows you to book it easily before departure.

    Just follow the driving directions offered by the on-board computer to reach the city centre.

    New York JFK Airport Car Rental

    New York: points of interest

    The American metropolis grants tourists a huge list of points of interest in all of its districts.

    Manhattan district is surely the most known and also the one where you can find the biggest number of attractions. Central Park is the symbolic image of the “Big Apple”, in addition to the Statue of Liberty, but the list of the points of interest does not end here. Taking advantage of the car rental service at New York JFK Airport, indeed, we suggest you also a visit to the train station, the Grand Central Terminal, which was also the set of some important movies in the past.

    Moreover, in Central Park a miniature castle, the Belvedere Castle, stands out, from where you can enjoy the panorama of the city.

    Thanks to the car rental at New York JFK Airport you will have the possibility to comfortably reach another symbolic district of the city, the Bronx, that is very interesting thanks to the Arthur Avenue, the New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo, where you can admire over 4000 different species of animals.

    Thanks to the car rental at New York JFK Airport, you can also visit Brooklyn district; here you cannot miss the New York Aquarium with a huge variety both of maritime species and aquatic flora, and the Yesterday’s News Antiques and Collectibles, a shop where you can buy objects from the past, such as vinyl records, antique furniture and vintage clothes.

    Statue of Liberty
    Sunset New York

    New York: art and culture

    During a journey in New York, you can make a full immersion into art and culture, thanks to the presence of many museums, some of which are also free.

    The most important museum is certainly the Metropolitan Museum, which proposes rooms with ancient works coming from Greece and Aegyptus, in addition to sculptures and paintings by artists both from America and from the rest of the world, with a large representation of the European ones.

    The MoMA, dedicated to the Modern Art, is also very interesting, with objects coming from all of the continents. A museum that is certainly very dear to the Americans is the 9/11 Museum, built in remembrance of the terrible attack on the Twin Towers, occurred on September 11, 2001.

    The Museum is divided into three sections where what the Twin Towers were before the attack, the day if the disaster and what happened after that day are showed to the visitors. Moreover, close to Central Park, there is also the American Museum of Natural History, where you can discover in detail the evolution of our planet, particularly suitable for who travel with children.