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    Charlotte International Airport Car Rental

    Charlotte International Airport was inaugurated in 1935, a few years after the decision of the city authorities, who considered necessary to equip Charlotte with an airport which could serve the country of North Carolina.

    A few years after its opening, in 1941, the airport was adapted to military uses because of the outbreak of the Second World War, becoming once again a civil airport only in the late 1950s.

    The airport is less than 20 km far from the city centre and is easily reachable thanks to the rental car booked on RentalUp and picked up directly at Charlotte Airport.

    Among the airlines using this airport, we can mention American Airlines and United Airlines: the first one guarantees connections to several cities, among which Albany and Tusla, whereas the second one guarantees daily connections to cities such as Miami, Atlanta and Boston.

    Charlotte Airport Car Rental

    Charlotte: points of interest

    Once landed at Charlotte International Airport and here picked the rental car up, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can soon start to discover the most populated and world-wide famous city in North Carolina.

    One of the most interesting places and, according to somebody, also the symbol of this city with about one million inhabitants certainly is the Billy Graham Library, which it would be simplistic to consider just a library, since within it, thanks to its original architectonical structure, there is a splendid garden.

    This library is dedicated to one of the figures who gave prestige and fame to Charlotte, Billy Graham; this name will probably not sound familiar to those who does not follow the American political events, but he is a Baptist preacher who was very close to some tenants of the White House who followed each other over the years: what we have just said will let you guess the symbolic importance of this place.

    Exploiting the car rental service available from Charlotte Airport, it is worth to chill out at Freedom Park, one of the most important green areas in the city, perfect to be visited in the late afternoon. Within it you will find a large lake surrounded by many benches that invite you to spend much more than a few minutes admiring the lake.

    It is a place that can convey great tranquillity, perfect if you are looking for the silence after a day spent going around. Lastly, if you love theme parks, you cannot miss a visit to the Carowinds, probably the most important aquatic park throughout North Carolina.

    Freedom Park
    Charlotte Skyline

    Charlotte: art and culture

    Having the opportunity to take advantage of the car rental service in Charlotte from the airport, you will have time to discover the city also from the artistic and cultural points of view.

    The first place to visit is the Levine Museum of New South, which narrates the history of the American country of North Carolina through the human facts of its most important and influent public figures at national and international level; undoubtedly, it is a very original museum you should visit with much participation and attention.

    Still talking about of the museum offer in Charlotte, we cannot miss to mention the Discovery Place, a museum whose structure and exhibition offer are designed in particular for young people, but it is however a very important cultural centre of its kind and is the most important museum dedicated to science in the country.

    Among the places you must see in Charlotte there is also the Nascar Hall of Fame, reachable without problems taking advantage of the car rental available from Charlotte Airport. The construction of what is a true museum dedicated to the history of Nascar began in 2007 and was completed three years later, when it was officially opened to the public. In short time it has become one of the most visited places in the city, as proof of the great passion that Nascar can convey in every part of the world.

    Lastly, before leaving, on the way to the airport it is worth a stop to visit the Carolina Aviation Museum: here, you can admire some of the vintage planes and the famous plane of the famous as well pilot “Sully” Sullenberg, who executed an emergency landing on river Hudson, whose story is narrated in a movie with Tom Hanks.

    Carolina Aviation Museum