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    Dallas Fort Worth Airport Car Rental

    Dallas Fort Worth Airport is among the busiest airports for passenger traffic in the world. The idea of equipping the Texan city with an airport took hold at the end of the 1920s and in 1940 the first funds were allocated for the construction of the airport, located in the close Fort Worth.

    Originally, the airport was used for military purposes and only in the 1950s it was turned into an exclusively civil airport. Later, the airport underwent many enlargement and improvement works, becoming one of the reference airports throughout the United States of America.

    Reaching the city centre with the rental car, booked on RentalUp and picked up directly at Dallas Airport, is easy, since you have to drive along just 26 km.

    Among the airlines operating in this airport we can mention America Airlines, which has its main hub in this airport, from where it guarantees connections with cities such as New York.

    Dallas Airport Car Rental

    Dallas: points of interest

    Once landed at Dallas Fort Worth Airport and picked here your rental car up, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can soon start to discover the Texan city of Dallas, the third biggest one in the country, where old cowboys atmosphere and modernity live harmoniously together.

    Exploiting the car rental from Dallas Airport, you can reach one of the most beautiful places in the city, the Dallas World Aquarium: this attraction, flagship of Dallas, is very interesting and can capture not only the kids but also adults; it is very fascinating also thanks to the presence of some jaws: it is not often you can observe them so close without any risk!

    Perhaps, not everybody knows that Dallas is called the “Mall of America”. It is easy to explain why: the city has, indeed, the highest number of shops on its territory compared to the number of inhabitants. You should not miss the West Village: its opening is quite recent, dating back to 2001, but it has become the symbol of the city.

    If you would like to capture the most authentic spirit of the city, taking advantage of the car rental service in Dallas from the airport, you can reach the Dallas Farmers Market: this market was opened more than a century ago, precisely at the beginning of the XX century.

    We suggest you to go to the Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful green areas in the city, perfect to chill out, to enjoy pleasant moments in the nature.

    Dallas World Acquarium
    Dallas Botanical Garden

    Dallas: art and culture

    The car rental service exploitable from Dallas Airport will allow you to move in complete freedom and to discover all that the city has to offer from a cultural point of view.

    Right from this point of view, the first place you must visit is the Irving Art Center and it is enough a data to understand its importance: almost 9000 sqm of exhibition space. Inside you will find not only very interesting art galleries, that can amaze even the pickiest traveller or who is not generally interested in art, but also other amenities such as a cinema and a theatre.

    The Fair Park, which was built in occasion of the Texas foundation’s centenary celebrations, is also very interesting from a merely historical point of view. Which is its most interesting peculiarity? Not only being a very ancient symbol of Dallas, but also the fact of being the only building still preserved among the ones that were built for the celebration of that anniversary.

    One of the museums you must absolutely visit during your stay in Dallas is the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, very important for its exhibition and for its dimension.

    Dallas is also the city where one of the main facts of the contemporary history of the United States of America took place, that is the murder of JFK. A museum, the Sixth Floor Museum, is dedicated to this event that marked forever the history of the country.

    Lastly, another museum you must visit is the Dallas Civil Rights Museum, where you can discover all about the life of Martin Luther King, another very important character of the contemporary American history. This museum, in addition to the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture, is a stage you must include in your itinerary during a vacation in the Texan city.

    County Courthouse