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    Seattle Tacoma Airport Car Rental

    Seattle – Tacoma International Airport is the biggest airport in the north west of Pacific.

    The decision of providing Seattle and the surrounding areas with an airport was made at the end of the Second World War and the airport was completed in a very short time and it soon became one of the most important hubs in this area of the United States of America.

    In the early 1970s the airport was subject to a series of modernization works because the citizens very vigorously complained about the problems concerning not only air pollution but also noise pollution.

    Nowadays, many prominent airlines operate here. Among the many ones that use this airport, we can mention Delta Air Lines and the Emirates. The first one guarantees connections to various cities, such as Indianapolis and Amsterdam, while the second one covers the route from and to Dubai.

    Seattle Airport Car Rental

    Seattle: points of interest

    Once landed at Seattle – Tacoma Airport and picked your rental car up here, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can soon start to discover Seattle, very modern city also known as “Emerald City” thanks to the large presence of green areas.

    The possibility to take advantage of the car rental service from Seattle Airport will allow you to move in complete freedom and to best plan your days; the first place you must visit in Seattle is the Seattle Center, a true leap forward into the future. The construction of this futuristic building dates back to 1962 and still today it is the symbol of a city with an eye to the future.

    From this skyscraper, whose architectonical structure recalls that of a missile, you can admire the city centre from a very unique observation point. You cannot miss the Monorail, the elevated monorail built in the early 1960s, symbol as well of a city whose keyword has always been modernity.

    Another place you must see taking advantage of the car rental service in Seattle from the airport is Pike Place Market, one of the most beautiful districts throughout Seattle, where you feel like you are in a city like San Francisco for the atmosphere that you breath.

    You must explore the market, in addition to Starbucks: maybe not everybody knows that in this district there is the first store ever of the store chain spread throughout the world.

    As already mentioned, Seattle is a city famous all over the world for the presence of many parks. Well, one of those deserving to be seen is Volunteer Park: not only this green area is very well-kept, but here you can also find the tomb of Bruce Lee, another reason to visit it.

    Volunteer Park

    Seattle: art and culture

    Taking advantage of the car rental service from Seattle Airport, you will have the possibility to discover the great artistic and cultural offer of a city where music and technological innovation are at home.

    Among the many museums that are worth visiting, you can start from the Seattle Art Museum, where you can admire very precious work, such as those by Mark Tobey, considered by many people as the inspirational source of Pollock. This museum also hosts finds related to the Native Americans, so that it has the important function to keep alive the memory of who originally inhabited this land.

    Seattle is also considered one of the most important cities of music all over the world and it could not have been otherwise, since it was the birthplace of bands such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Foo Fighters, just to mention a few, and many other bands born elsewhere have found here fertile ground to emerge.

    It is also for this reason that you must visit the Museum of Pop Culture this cultural centre has a very original architectonical structure and allows you to enjoy a very interesting musical trip.

    You cannot miss neither the Museum of History and Industry, that narrates all that was born in Seattle, from a big software company such as Microsoft to the musical and entrepreneurial universe in which bands and companies famous all over the world are born. Moreover, if you are passionate with TV series, you will enjoy the part of the museum dedicated to two of the series set in this city, Twin Peaks and Grey’s Anatomy.

    Lastly, it absolutely worth a visit to Fremont, the “hipster” area of the city. Here you will find pretty eccentric statues, among which one of Lenin, arrived from the former Czechoslovakia, that is waiting for a buyer.