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      06/06/2014 - 

    Rent a car without credit card in Italy!

    To rent a car in Italy just like in the rest of the world you must have some documents. You need to have an ID card, a driver's license a credit card or a bank check.

    When you rent a car you must pay the cost of rental and release a security deposit that serves as excess to support the cost of any damage caused to the vehicle during your rental. This deposit is released as an authorization on your credit card.

    Normally, the main problem is the credit card, as many people often do not have it and Prepaid cards (more commonly used in everyday life) are not accepted  by the rental agencies.

    Valid credit cards are Visa’s, Mastercards or American Express (although AmEx sometimes is not accepted). These cards must therefore have 16 digits in relief and must be in the name of the main driver, who must be the one to pick up the car at the rental center.

    Some rental centers, (at the moment we collaborate with one only in Bergamo) give the customers the opportunity to rent a car by offering the possibility of giving the amount of excess a bank check or cash. This check will remain at the center for the duration of the rental and it will be returned to you once you return the car. The check will not be cashed, it will just serve the rental point as “assurance” on your rental, in case the car has any damages. To get a quote for a rental without credit card in Bergamo, you can write an e-mail to:

    In the world of car rental the risk of theft is very high and therefore all car rental agents use these procedures to lean on the bank, as to be more confident that the customer is not a car thief. The issuing bank gives checks and credit cards that are not rechargeable, they are linked to a bank account and are therefore carefully monitored by banks.

    However, there are some centers in Italy that accept a cash deposit, they are all local operators and are mostly not well known. In our offers of rental vehicles, those that can be hired without credit card are those in which it is specified in terms and conditions, if it’s not specified it means that a credit card is required.

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